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Human beings are storytellers, this is something we have done for thousands of years. Each one of us builds our consturcts our understanding of the world through our own perception. In this way, each and every one of us carries our own unique story that blends together our lived experience with our understanding of the world, so, what do I offer? What does it mean to be a storyteller?

For me, telling stories is a way to express something real and utterly human. I started telling stories to young people around campfires, beneath old trees whispering secrets in the rustle of their leaves. I think this is where stories are most at home, where human words mingle with the voices of the wild things, and stories can swirl and dance in the imaginations of people gathered around twisting, curling woodsmoke. When we tell a story, we are not acting, we’re expressing some sort of truth about ourselves, in this way myth and imagination blur with reality, and a good story told well has the power to make our hearts sing.

I work with myths, legends, folk and fairytales. I have extensive experience working with children, young people, and adults outdoors, supporting people to connect with nature and themselves in the process. I am also a trained Forest School leader and have a degree in ecological science.

David telling a story with wavy arms


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