Would you like to hear a story?

For thousands of years, humans have worked with stories to communicate, pass on information and to dream into what is possible, to what exists beyond the human reach, within the realm of our own imaginations. These days we consume stories like hungry beasts, flicking and scrolling through endless reels, photos, and news articles. I’m not sure if this feeding frenzy truly nourishes us. I think what we need is to draw close to one another and speak openly from our hearts.

What I want to offer is just that – real human connection through the oral tradition of storytelling. Let’s journey into the wisdom of old stories together, unlock our imaginations and find those places where Earthly magic meets the human experience. Hopefully I’ve left enough breadcrumbs for you to follow me and find your place by the hearth…

‘A story is told eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart.’

Scottish Traveller Proverb


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